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I love stories. Stories inspire, stories pierce the heart and stories change our belief systems.  We live in a world with more knowledge than every before. But if all we needed to transform was knowledge, we'd all be skinny, rich and happy.  

I have been speaking for over 20 years on passion, purpose, mindset, health, habits and overcoming your belief systems.  I use stories to take the audience on a journey from where they currently are to where they need to go.  Speaking is my passion.  How can I help you? 

Jim Anton - Anton Insurance

“We had high expectations for Joe and he exceeded them.” 

Nancy K. Rotary 6440

An amazing presentation! How lucky the students at Elk Grove HS and the surrounding community are to have you in their lives. You truly are an inspiration!

Tricia S.  -West Aurora High School

“VERY powerful presentation!! It was like a breath of fresh air and truly spoke to the idea that leaders are developed through serving others in their communities.”
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